Tokenpad is your DeFi dashboard for monitoring your portfolio, including assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable rewards, and yield farming activities–without needing you to share your personal data! Just connect your wallets and exchange accounts to view all your assets in one place.
For a general overview of Tokenpad and a walkthrough of the interface, please check out the video below.
Yes, all wallets and keys that you connect to Tokenpad are only stored on your phone. This data is never sent or stored on an external database. Tokenpad will never ask you to disclose your private keys.
Tokenpad currently supports the Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, Polygon, Harmony, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom & Solana blockchains currently and over 500+ protocols, with more being added every week. If there is a token or blockchain you want to see added, message us in the Tokenpad discord or email us at
For the defi debt projects Tokenpad follows the projects type and limit for liquidation and display according to the projects definition. There are 3 main types the projects we support use Collateralization Ratio, Health Factor & Debt Ratio. Collateralization Ratio = (∑ supplyTokenValue) / (∑ borrowTokenValue ) * 100% Health Factor = CollateralValue / BorrowedValue Debt Ratio = Borrow Limit = BorrowedValue / CollateralValue * 100%
Tokenpad will continually add additional protocols and blockchains so if you don't see one you are looking for request it in our discord channel. We will have an updated priority listing based on user feedback in the near future.
We reccomend users join our Discord Server and post questions in the feature request or help channels. Users can also reach out by email to us at through the Support option in the Tokenpad app settings page.
Users should join our Discord Server as we will pull in our social articles and chatting with the community there. For other sources you can check our Community tab in the Tokenpad app you will find links to our Discord, Medium, Telegram & Twitter links.
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