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Supporting Over 500 Protocols

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With TokenPad you can:

  • Connect your wallets and exchanges, like Coinbase & Binance

  • Keep track of current debt levels and avoid liquidations

  • Check claimable rewards

  • No personal information or private keys required

Integrated with all major protocols and chains

500+ Protocols

And more Major chains

And more centralized exchange

Everything You Need To Track And Optimize Your DeFi Portfolio

Total Token Holdings

Whether you’re holding it in your wallet, on an exchange, or staked in a protocol, we’ll add it up for you

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Discover New Investments

Get notified with the latest and highest yielding strategies so you can maximize your returns

Take On Leverage Fearlessly

Monitor your debt and get notified when positions are in danger of liquidation

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Detailed APY

+ Impermanent Loss Calculations

Monitor On The Go

Our native mobile app is the best way to manage your portfolio from your phone


All you need is your public address to start tracking your portfolio


Exchange data is provided through encrypted APIs


Connect with exchanges like Binance and Coinbase as well as add Metamask and other custom wallets

Start Tracking Your DeFi Portfolio

Over $250M Tracked On TokenPad

TokenPad is the perfect way to keep track of all your DeFi portfolios in one place. With support for all major chains, TokenPad makes it easy to stay on top of your investments and find new ways to avoid costly liquidation.